AMNH 4734  

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Specimen Information
Specimen #:AMNH 4734 Element:Dental
Locality:   ()Formation:
Area/Basin:Wind River Basin State:WY
Epoch:Eocene Biochron:N/A
Land Mammal Age:Wasatchian NALMA Subage:N/A
Year Collected:1880 Collector:Wartman
Collection Technique:surface
Technical Specifications
# of Scans:6 Specimen:epoxy cast
Coating:NH4Cl Spacing:0.01mm
Exposure (msec): 0.35 (Sensor 0), 0.25 (Sensor 1)
Polygon #:0 Point #:0
Date Scanned:2009-05-20
Scan Technician:Joshua Boudreau
Image Technician:Adam Spriggs
Species Information
Species Name: nunienus
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